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Pine lumber from the manufacturer

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Any size, grade and quantity of pine timber according to standards.

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Edged lumber

Pine lumber with carefully trimmed edges without  bark. The edged board is successfully used in various fields of application, from carpentry and household  to large construction works.

Sizes from 25x75 to 30x300.

Length from 1m to 7m.



Beam lumber

This is a mandatory element of any construction. An ideal material not only for construction, but also for furniture production, carpentry, application in everyday life. Pine timber is a natural material that is distinguished by its reliability, environmental friendliness, as well as aesthetic beauty.

Sizes from 50x50 to 200x300

Length from 1m to 7m.



Pine batten

Also known as slat or wooden rail. This is edged board with a width less than 50mm. The use of slats, like all lumber is very different, due to size, the rail is mainly used for fastening purposes, as well as for the manufacture of various building structures, railings and ceilings.

Size from 25x25 to 40x50

Length from 1m to 4m.



Half-edged board

A half-edged board is an ideal option to save money if the look after the use of the board is not so important. The cost of this timber is 25% lower than the usual edged board. This is timber with partial presence of bark from one or two corners of the board, and two or three corners always stay trimmed, which allows you to connect and join the boards in the same way as in the case of a edged board. And also, our half-edged board is always calibrated in width along the entire length, this is different from un-edged timber, where the width is not identical.

Most often, this board is used for formwork, where it meet the same functions as a regular edged board, during roofing work, as well as to create temporary structures.

Sizes from 25x75 to 25x150.

Length from 1m to 6m.



Production and warehouse

Our enterprise is located in Zhytomyr region, Ukraine. This area is known for its pine forests with a decent characteristic that helps to achieve high quality lumber products. Quality is determined by the use of Swedish and Turkish equipment, which allows to produce products according to standards.

The technological process of production is divided into several stages:

1. Logging

2. Transportation

3. Sawing

4. Drying wood

5. Additional processing on finished lumber

6. Keeping in storage

High professionalism of employees, modern-day equipment and automatisation, with constant quality verification of lumber, during storage under regulations and standards, allow our products not to lose their characteristics, and you will find the perfect way towards your goal.



How to order?

Contact our managers to place an order. They will help you to choose the size and quality of lumber you need, will consult you on issues related to usage features of the board you need, as well as provide guidance on dates if the size you need is out of standards.

To order call (068) 844-00-56 / (099) 685-23-13 / (097) 799-65-33, or by email

Payment and delivering

How to pay for the order?   


Payment in cash at pickup, or after delivery to the place you need.


After confirmation of the order by the manager, an invoice will be sent to your email address. Cashless payments can be made with or without VAT.

Delivering Terms:


You can independently pickup the required lumber, or a pre-formed order after the manager contacts you and confirms the availability of the order. Pickup take place at the warehouse any day from 8AM to 5:30PM.


Delivery is occurred in Odessa and the region any day from 8AM to 5:30PM. When ordering from 30m3 - delivery is free to anywhere in the region.

About the company

The company Garistwood is engaged in the production and processing of lumber and is one of the largest suppliers to the southern regions of Ukraine, as well as abroad. Our activity has been conducted since 2003.

Our company has always fulfilled its obligations to customers and partners who value decent relationships and quality service. Our own and wide fleet of vehicles ensures uninterrupted delivery of timber to the production and finished lumber to the warehouse in Odessa.

In the Ukrainian market, sales are carried out in retail and wholesale, and there is also a flexible system of discounts for physical or legal persons.

In addition to the Ukrainian market, we deliver our lumber to various countries on different continents. Today, the main buyers are        France, the

        Netherlands,         Belgium,         Romania,         Israel,         China and         Mauritius. Export is carried out by any terms of delivery according to the Incoterms 2010.

We strive to make every client our regular customer, and working with us will be carefree, successful and cost-effective.

Why do they choose us?


Delivery on the day of order if the lumber is available in stock.


Own production and direct contracts with forestry will allow you not to overpay with intermediaries.


Our managers will help with calculating the required amount of lumber for your project.


Modern equipment and experienced specialists are a guarantee of quality. All material are undergoing strict quality control.


Stable stock in storage allow you to quickly create your order.


The vehicle fleet of our company allows you to deliver the lumber to the warehouse in Odessa, as well as to the required point of discharge in the shortest time.



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